Standard Lapping Kit Instructions (PDF)

Additional update!

In addition to the info posted below, I am very active in sports photography. I support several newspapers and am a contributing photographer to ICONsmi. I am usually on the sideline for NCAA Division 1 Football in the fall and also cover tons of high school sports. You can check out some gallery links at if you're interested.

Posted Monday, June 28, 2010 at 8:20 PM by David

Summer update!

TO ALL MY EASYPCKITS.COM customers - I always said that If I decided to shut down my business, I would let everyone know. Unfortunately, that time has come - with the current business climate and economy, orders are a fraction of what they used to be and I really can't justify the sales effort any more. As many of you know, I am a contract engineer in the Nuclear and Space Industry fields and is not my primary means of earning a living - it's always been about friends and helping out others, but I can't get into a situation where I am losing money. In the next few days, I will be cleaning up pages but until then, DO NOT order from this site directly, but rather - contact me directly at I do have some stock remaining and will sell it at half price as long as supplies last - so just drop me an email first. Right now, I have premium kits, standard kits, Ceramique, AS5, and ArctiClean still on hand. Thanks again to everyone who have been good customers in the past, it has been my enjoyment to serve you as customers. I will maintain this post as long as supplies last and will keep the domain/email address for the forseeable future. DAVID

Posted Monday, June 28, 2010 at 8:00 PM by David

Summer update!

My suppliers recently gave me a large set of samples lapping paper to pass along. I have bundled four or five sheets of paper from Premium Kits and will include them as free bonuses to any order $10 or over. I'll keep passing out freebies while supplies last! I'll remove this special as soon as the samples are gone. Sample pack promotions usually sell out pretty quick, so pass the word along. ***Note: This promotion has ended, all samples have been distributed. Thanks for the orders!***

Posted Friday, July 24, 2009 at 9:32 PM by David

Mid-year update!

Yeah, I'm waaaaay behind on updates and news. :-] I have been crushed with additional work and projects this spring - I've done great getting all the orders out but have not had much time to update the website. So rest assured that EasyPCKits is still alive and kicking - our product mix for sale rarely changes and thus you won't see many changes to the site; changes will be infrequent at best. Thanks again for everyone who has ordered, and also for the folks stopping by for the first time!

Posted Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 9:32 PM by David

New Products offered due to the customer requests!

We are now offering four new products due to the number of requests we have received:

  • A full sized glass lapping plate - this is a 9" x 11" glass plate, 1/4" thick for flat, stable lapping

  • A complete set of full sized lapping paper - 9" x 11", eight sheets of standard wet-dry lapping sandpaper ranging from 180 grit through 2500

  • A refill set of premium paper - this is the sandpaper from the premium kit only with no glass or thermal material

  • A small kit for axle lapping of pine car or wooden derby cars - this small kit allows Scouts and pine car contestants to polish axles for reduced rolling resistance.

NOTE: We are adding a few products and making a few shipping changes, please bear with us for a few days until we get the site code cleaned up a bit. Orders should go through just fine, we have already received orders for the new products and begun shipping. At the current time, all orders should NOT require use of the international shipping button. I think we've got the shopping cart shipping finally ironed out, now we just have to clean up some product pages. :-) As always, if you have any problems or questions, just drop us an email at - David

Posted Monday, June 23, 2008 at 9:01 AM by David

Shipping updates

We used to offer a multiple shipping tier but soon realized that the time and expense of offering these multiple shipping options was an undue burden - it was also expensive to carry a wider variety of packaging materials to fit the shipping options. So, we have amended our shipping policy as noted below.

Standard shipping for the USA and Canada is now a flat $6 for all orders. Note that this is for boxed Priority Mail shipping (Airmail to Canada ) with an average two day delivery within the USA and 4-6 days to Canada . For all other international destinations, shipping remains the same at a flat rate of $12 per package via Airmail.

We feel that this is a bargain for shipping and compares favorably to any company out there. The actually postage cost is almost $5 and we do have to buy some supplies. As you know, shipping is not really a free service for ANY company. If another company advertises "free shipping", it just really means that they are hiding the shipping cost in the pricing of their products for sale. At EasyPCKits, we'd rather let you know the true and actual cost for shipping, and price our products fairly to match.

Posted Monday, June 23, 2008 at 8:52 AM by David

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